20170712_213127       I admit I am getting a little ahead of myself here about my new studio, JOY/ Abstract Art, in Dallas but, off the record, the place is indeed mine, so here I am going public about how this all came together.
       The story begins this past May at Houndstooth Coffee on Henderson Ave. in Dallas, where our daughter and I were having coffee. Having found out at Houndstooth that the 1500 square foot storefront next door had been vacant for a year, I decided right on the spot to pitch to Open Realty Advisors (ORA), the property’s management company, about the possibility of my taking the space over as a temporary pop-up art studio until a permamnent tenant could be found – offering 50% commission on any sales of my artwork in lieu of rent.
       Though I knew the rent for this space was very high and felt sure my proposal would be rejected, in the spirit of “fail harder,” I went ahead and sent off a serious email to ORA about my idea, with ample pics of my work attached. I made sure to mention in the email about my having a great credit rating, excellent references, and being happy to act as free onsite representation for potential permanent tenants for the property.  
        Two weeks after sending off my proposal I got the surprising news that my lease at Studio 219 was not going to be renewed! Happily, the very day after learning I had two weeks to clear out of the studio I got an email response from ORA about my pop-up proposal. Matt, a team member at ORA, liked my plan so much he arranged a meeting for me 2 days later at ORA so that I could make my pitch in person! (What an experiece that was!)
       The reason my unorthodox proposal was even considered is too complex to go into here. The main idea is that there turned out to be a host of special circumstances surrounding the specific property I wanted, resulting in ORA being entirely open to my 50% commission idea! 
       While there is one last approval still lacking to achieve formal acceptance of this whole deal, I have been assured multiple times that the the plan has no downside for ORA and is moving forward.
       I am told that JOY could easily be at this new location for as much as a year which, again, is related to a complicated master plan I could never have foreseen!
       Looking back at all the miracles that have aligned at such a strategic time, turning the loss of my lease at Studio 219 into a whole new wonderful adventure, of course I can’t help but give glory to God for His mercy and kindness to me! Thank You, Lord!

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