For me, getting my new studio, JOY, up and running these past 6 weeks is, and continues to be, a supremely exciting undertaking, involving not just hanging my artwork and showing up to paint, but developing a space that is busting with creative energy, full of playfulness, lit with joyful expressions of all the facets of who I am.

JOY’S floor to ceiling art, the repurposed books full of my graphics on the coffee table, the coffee table itself (!), the guitar and djembe, this crazy ribbon now flying at the doorway, the contact paper experiments I’m fooling around with, the songs I’m working on, the big 3D assemblage piece in the back, the quote I have scrawled on the front door, the endorsements I have fashioned for Zalot Pizza and Prestige Window Cleaning, the smattering of leaves on the floor, the yucca plant out front, …everything about JOY is part of a flame I’m endeavoring to light – a flame alive with creative possibilities for new expressions, ideas, and adventures!

Seeing all art as a dialogue with truth –  in this case, my truth – the more I discover in myself, the more my expressiveness/communication/creativity grow, the brighter the flame I am lighting grows. O the joy!


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