Driving to JOY (my new studio in Dallas) today after 10 days away, I was totally aware of how emotionally fragile I was. A week and a half of 5 house guests (3 under 5) sort of wore me out – albeit in a most wonderful way – leaving me emotionally depleted, as well as riddled with insecurity all over again about my whole artistic venture at JOY.

Having been at JOY for just over two months with only one modest sale, I do indeed wonder about all the money, time, and effort I am putting into this art journey of mine. Even without having to pay rent (commission on sales to landlord in lieu of rent), there’s the cost of art supplies ($200/mo), gas (120 miles roundtrip 6 days a week = $200/mo.) and utilities ($200) to pay out.

Driving to the studio this morning, quietly commending everything I do to God I included a request for confirmation that I am in God’s will, not just my own fantasy.

In His gracious kindness, God sent me precisely the kind of direct and personal confirmation I needed about 2pm today in the guise of a local artist, a woman – I’ll call her Seraphima –  who has studied art, is a working artist who lives just blocks away from JOY, and is a former Art Professor.

Seraphima’s first words to me when she walked into JOY and glanced around were, “I’m so proud of you.” As she listened to my story, she poured out encouragement to me, ending with “I want to be your friend. I want to come here and talk about art with you.” (I could barely control the tears welling up in my eyes at this point.)

Noticing the name of a significant Dallas art consultant scrawled in a notebook on the counter, Seraphima told me to be sure and contact that guy. I told her that I had gone to the consultant’s website and simply felt overwhelmed by its level of professionalism. Ignoring my reservations, Seraphima told me that this guy is married to her best friend and that he is a good guy. “Put your prejudices and fears aside and give him a try.”

Almost as soon as Seraphima left, one of our daughters came by unexpectedly. I went directly into sharing with her about how God didn’t just send someone to me today who likes my work, He sent a successful, accomplished, educated artist, who reached out to me with care, respect, encouragement, hope, and the promise of continuing friendship!

As crazy as it may sound, I am taking everything Seraphima said to me as directly from God: He is proud of me, wants to be my friend, wants to speak to me about my art… O the wonder!





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