Embracing chaos,
Running with disorder,
Living with the unknown,
Cultivating improvisation,
Looking fear and discouragement
Right in the eye,
I let the creative energies in me
Run and scream, meditate upon
Themselves, converse with me,
Whisper their truths.
Who knew making art
Was this powerful?



2. Making Abstract Art:
frees the spirit.
nourishes the soul.
intrigues the mind
engages emotions.
rejoices the heart.
is a channel for subconscious revelation.
challenges fear and prejudice.
creates limitless new realities.
requires constant improvisation.
rejects convention and limits.
opens up unknown, subjective, interior worlds.
is an unending experiment.
is a fearless adventure.
draws from all life experience.
amounts to free verse in color.
is a very personal, even intimate experience.
demands self confidence and trust.
is a dialog with personal truth.
opens doors to new thoughts.
continually questions tradition.
captivates the imagination.


Striving to know the unknowable,           Express the inexpressable,                         Expose the infinite,                                       Is precisely where                                         The abstract artist in me lives.

A bookish reflection,                                     A genuine disdain for mundane reality, A tendency to fantasize,                             To get lost in pretendong,                            Predisposed me early on to the                 Interior realities of abstraction.

Wax on – Wax off,                                          Raising a family                                            Taught me to be flexible,                            Introduced me to improvisation,              Strengthened my inner core,                      Imparting a sustaining boldness                  and confidence.

I now look at the empty space                      of the future                                          Not as paralyzing but as                             Entrancing, beautiful, provocative,         Full of possibility.


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