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When I started making abstract art in 2012, I knew right away that choosing to go into abstraction rather than realism was no accident.

From my earliest childhood, I remember daydreaming, playing alone rather than with family, being a huge reader, in other words being a thinker, an interior person.

What I didn’t realize until recently is that being an interior kind of person seems to have guided virtually all of my life! Who I married, how I related to our children, my faith life…they all appear to reflect this one central concept of being interior minded.

Raised a Roman Catholic, I happily embraced Catholicism as an adult. In my 20s I added Catholic Charismatic life to my faith experience. In 1995, at 45, I experienced the Byzantine Cathlic Church (BCC) for the first time.

Unlike the Roman Catholic Church which to me seemed dry and academic (hence the much needed addition of the lively Charismatic dimension to my life), the BCC seemed positively sensual by way of its incense, candles, icons, chant (Everything is sung, even the scriptural readings), ritual, processions, annointings, reverence…

The more I read and experienced the Byzantine Cathlic Church the more I responded to its mystical roots, its emphasis on personal experience rather than intellectual, logical analysis.

The fact that Baptism, Chrismation (Confirmation), First Communion all take place at baptism in the BCC – the beautiful thinking being that the Church’s spiritual wealth, the full truth, should be shared with infants, not reserved to the age of reason, or in the case of Confirmation administered at 14 per Roman usage – struck me deeply. (In no way is this intended to be a pot shot at the Roman Church! Just sharing my personal thoughts and experience.)

22 years into being a Byzantine Catholic I see now that my being an interior person clearly predisposed me to the Byzantine Cathlic Church. In fact, I like to say I was born a Byzantine Catholic – I just didnt know it! (Btw, I say the same thing about being an abstract artist!)










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